Is Too Faced Cruelty-Free?

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Too Faced is an incredibly popular brand of cosmetic products, including makeup and skincare products.

The brand is all about unapologetic glamour and femininity, and it doesn’t shy away from its Parisian and girly pink inspiration, making it trendy and well-known across all age groups, but especially young women.

But here’s the important question, is it cruelty free?

Thankfully, the answer is yes! Too Faced is a brand that is absolutely and wholeheartedly dedicated to being cruelty free.

The brand has been a member of PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies cruelty-free program since they joined in 2001. This program ensures that the brands associated with it are producing all of their products without testing on any animals whatsoever, therefore being cruelty free.

But it doesn’t end there. Too Faced has also pledged that the brand will not enter any markets that require cosmetic products to be tested on animals first.

Places such as China, have laws that enforce animal-testing before a product is deemed approved for customer consumption.

So with this pledge, Too Faced abstains from entering these markets, so that it may continue to uphold its cruelty-free ideal.

Too Faced proudly displays its cruelly free badge on its website, with one of its slogans being that the brand is passionate about both the products and animals!

This determination to uphold cruelty free products is one of the things that makes the brand so popular, and we hope they continue to do so in the future!

Is Too Faced vegan?

Being cruelty free doesn’t always mean that the products are all vegan, as the company might still be using some animal products as part of the ingredients for the various different products.

So what about Too Faced? Is the brand vegan?

Well, as a whole, Too Faced is not vegan. Some of their products contain ingredients that are derived from animals, such as beeswax, carmine, and lanolin.

However, Too Faced does have many products that are vegan, as it caters to all needs and preferences.

In fact, the Too Faced website has an entire section dedicated to all of their vegan products, so that you can go directly to the selection of your choice, knowing that they are vegan.

Their stores also tend to have a specifically vegan section, although you can easily inquire about specific products, or check their ingredients to know for sure.

Is Too Faced an ethical company?

Before we answer this question, it’s important to understand what it actually means for a business or brand to be ethical.

When a business is ethical, it means that they consciously and purposefully operate in a way that minimizes any negative impacts that it might have on society, the environment, and all living things as a whole.

So this means that they regulate their operations so that they’re causing as little harm as possible to the planet, to animals, to other people, etc. Basically, it means that the company is trying to be good in all ways possible.

So, is Too Faced ethical? Well, let’s look at it on different fronts:

  • Society:

How does Too Faced impact society, what values does it uphold, does it treat its employees well? These are the type of questions that you can ask to look at whether the brand is ethical within society.

Overall, Too Faced is regarded as a good and ethical company, which upholds good values. If you look up reviews from its employees, the overall consensus seems to be that they are treated well, with decent pay. So it looks pretty good!

  • Animals:

Too Faced is 100% cruelty free, and it is a member of the Beauty Without Bunnies program, affiliated with PETA. So it definitely upholds ethical values when it comes to animals!

  • Environment:

Is Too Faced eco-friendly? The answer is also yes! The brand makes an effort to provide as many natural ingredients within their products as possible, so that the entire brand can be as eco-friendly as possible, to reduce all impact on the environment.

Of course, there are still many things that can be improved, but as a whole, the brand seems pretty ethical in this regard!

The only aspect in which the Too Faced brand is regularly questioned is in the fact that it is owned by the Estee Lauder Companies Inc.

And the thing is, that Estee Lauder claims to not test products on animals, but they sell their products in some countries that require, by law, that all imported products are first tested on animals. So what’s going on there?

Nevertheless, regardless of what Estee Lauder does, Too Faced has declared that despite being owned by Estee Lauder, they have a pledge to not enter those markets in which animal-testing is required so that they can remain operational without compromising their cruelty free ideals.

Does Too Faced test on animals?

Too Faced 100% does not test on animals. They are completely cruelty free and they are members of the Beauty Without Bunnies Program, affiliated with PETA, that pledges to manufacture products without testing on any animals whatsoever.

This means that none of their products, and none of the ingredients used in their products, are ever tested on animals.

Are Too Faced products toxic?

Cosmetic products can sometimes do more harm than good, as they can sometimes include harmful ingredients that turn out to be toxic, and that can cause a few health issues long-term.

So it’s very important to be aware of whether or not a certain brand is known for having toxic products.

Too Faced, as a whole, is committed to providing as many natural ingredients as possible, and the high-quality products are overall very safe and healthy to use. However, it’s important to check the ingredients of each individual product, as there might be an exception or two.

Too Faced also has a section dedicated to products that are suitable for people with certain allergies, or people with sensitive skin. And these products are a lot more gentle, and overall, they’re the safest health-wise.

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