Is Stila Cruelty Free?

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Finding the right makeup can be a daunting task. With so many different brands to choose from, it can be hard to find the right fit for you and your skin.

What can be a real trial is finding out which of your favorite beauty brands align with your own personal morals, ethics and beliefs.

With more and more people turning to veganism, it is important now more than ever to research your favorite brands, and find out which ones are taking steps in the right direction concerning animal testing, vegan formulas and company ethics.

This is why we have done all of the work for you, and looked for all of the information concerning the biggest beauty brands that are on the market today.

This way, you can know exactly what their moral stances are, whether they partake in animal testing, and how the products are made, so that you can make your own informed decision about whether that brand is for you.

Stila is a Los Angeles based cosmetics company, founded in 1994 by a celebrity makeup artist. The brand is now known for its innovative, sophisticated and fashion forward beauty, with eco friendly packaging, and multi-faceted formulas.

As a brand, Stila has been used by celebrities, influencers, and even on the runway, but is Stila cruelty free?

Is Stila Cruelty Free?

You may be wondering if such a popular and highly valued brand is cruelty free or not. The good news if you are a fan, is yes, Stila is actually a cruelty free beauty brand.

The company itself confirms this, as they do not test their ingredients, formulas or finished products on any animals, and they also do not allow suppliers to test products on animals, or pay for any third party animal testing.

In addition, Stila is not sold in countries such as Mainland China, where animal testing may be required by law. Stila is also certified by PETA as a cruelty free brand, as it does not conduct animal testing of any kind!

Is Stila Vegan?

Despite Stila being considered and certified as cruelty free, the company itself is not vegan and does not claim to have any vegan friendly products.

Therefore, without any 100% vegan product in their repertoire, Stila is not a vegan beauty brand. In their official website statement, Stila says: ‘We do not claim to be vegan, however, we do fully disclose the ingredient list on the product packaging, as well as our website for your reference.’

This means that although Stila is not vegan, consumers can check for themselves which products may or may not be suitable for them. In addition, Stila states that they may use ‘beeswax, carmine and lanolin’ in their ingredients, which are all animal derived products, and so Stila is not vegan.

Although Stila is certified as cruelty free, without any vegan products it does not always make the list for the best cruelty free and vegan makeup brands, as it still contributes to the exploitation and abuse of animals, seeing as there are non vegan ingredients used in their products.

Is Stila an Ethical Company?

Stila was recently applauded for its ethical choice to remove itself from the Chinese market. In 2016, the beauty brand decided to pull their products out of China, which would therefore mean that they no longer had to be tested on animals there.

Stila was then awarded the cruelty free status it now has from PETA, and has since removed its products from all countries where animal testing is required, and no longer even ships to those areas.

Whilst this notion is highly praisable, up until 2016, the company obviously had some involvement in animal testing prior to the change.

In addition, Stila still has no vegan products in their range, but they do use eco friendly packaging for their products to promote sustainability and environmental protection.

Does Stila Test on Animals?

No, Stila does not test on animals, and neither does it test its ingredients or formulas on animals during production or in post production.

In addition, Stila does not allow their suppliers to test on animals, and they no longer sell in countries where animal testing is legally required.

In their official statement, Stila said: ‘We are proud to advise that Stila Cosmetics is on PETA’s (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) list of cruelty free companies and we proudly display the PETA cruelty-free bunny on our website. We never test on animals and have our supply partners certify that they also share this value and do not conduct any tests on animals.’

In addition to this, Stila is not owned by a parent company that tests on animals, or has ever tested on animals, making this brand 100% cruelty free.

However, Stila have tested their products in the past, and made the change in 2016 to become a cruelty free company, so that you can enjoy this makeup brand guilt free.

Are Stila Products Toxic?

It is unclear whether Stila try to use natural ingredients in their products, as their website does not provide a lot of information as to how their products are made.

However, many other resources claim that Stila products are known for their toxic ingredients, as many products contain lead, parabens or other chemicals that can be damaging for the skin.

That being said, it is important that you check the label of the specific products that you use, as some can be harmful and toxic, whereas others are made with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

Some of the better products contain ingredients such as plant collagen, baobab extract and sea moss to help improve the skin, however, Stila does not claim to be a beauty brand that uses all natural or organic ingredients in their products.

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