Is Missha Cruelty Free?

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Navigating your way through the beauty industry can be overwhelming. There are countless cosmetic companies to choose from, and you can sometimes find yourself not knowing where to begin. 

This is where we come in. We are here to help you find the best beauty brands that are cruelty free, ethical and non damaging for your skin or the environment. 

Choosing to use only vegan or cruelty free products is an easy choice to make, but actually implementing the change can be hard, as some brands make it difficult to find out their policies, or the nature of how they produce their products.

Luckily, we have done the research for you, and found out which brands you should use, and which you should avoid. The next brand we are looking into is Missha.

Missha is a Korean beauty brand that believes in creating affordable yet simple beauty solutions, based on the data and needs of their customers. Missha works to provide exceptional skin and makeup products that deliver optimal ingredients and results at cost effective prices. 

Since its launch in 2000, Missha has become a global cosmetics brand, known for its cult best seller, the BB cream, which has sold over 10 million units worldwide. 

The company now not only offers skin care products, but make up, cleansers, decorative cosmetics, and even hair care products across the globe. Despite its global success in a short space of time, you may be wondering is Missha cruelty free?

Is Missha Cruelty Free?

Unfortunately, Missha is not cruelty free. The company may test their products on animals either by themselves or through their suppliers, and third parties.

As a company, Missha may also be funding and paying for animal testing by choosing to sell its products in mainland China, where animal testing is required by law to sell there.  

In addition, there is very little information on their website as to how their products are made, or whether they are tested on animals.

A spokesperson for the brand recently responding to consumers by saying that some products are tested on animals and some are not. 

Despite the little bit of clarity given by the company, even if one product in a million is tested on animals, it is still not 100% cruelty free.

Therefore, it is safe to say that Missha is not a cruelty free cosmetic company, and is not certified by any organizations. 

Is Missha Vegan?

As Missha is cruelty free, you may be asking whether the company instead offers vegan products. The answer to this question is no, Missha is not a vegan company.

Although they do have a few products with vegan ingredients, which are labeled with the EVE Vegan certification, many other products may contain animal derived ingredients or animal by products during the production process, and so the brand cannot be vegan. 

If you do choose to purchase one of their products that claim to be vegan friendly, we would recommend that you exercise caution, as the company has made it clear that they pay for and contribute to the issue of animal testing, and therefore, they are contributing to the exploitation and the abuse of animals, which is inherenently against vegan values.

Is Missha An Ethical Company?

As Missha is not against animal cruelty, and tests their products on animals around the globe, we cannot say that Missha is a cosmetic company that is ethical.

Furthermore, they make no effort to present themselves as providers of vegan beauty products, either. 

What is even more concerning is that there is little clarity on their websites and resources about their ethical stance, how the products are made, and whether they contain non vegan or even harmful ingredients.

Without a dedicated statement or policy concerning animal testing, it can seem like Missha are deliberately trying to avoid exlaining or any transparency when it comes to the testing of their products on animals, and animal cruelty.

Therefore, we would argue that Missha is not an ethical company to buy from.  

Does Missha Test On Animals?

Unfortunately, yes Missha does test their products on animals around the world. Upon a little digging and research, we could not find an official statement, FAQ section or any information regarding their policies towards animal testing from Missha themselves. 

However, it is clear that the cosmetic company sells their products in mainland China, and does so in many stores across the country. This means that in order to do so, they would have to pay for the products to be tested on animals so that they could be sold there.

In addition, Missha have admitted that some of their products are tested on animals, which could mean that the ingredients are too, and the suppliers of the ingredients may partake in animal testing during production of the products.

This is why we do not consider Missha to be a cruelty free or ethical brand, as they do not condone animal testing.

Are Missha Products Toxic?

Missha as a company is known for their dedication to providing affordable skin care that is designed specifically to improve and care for their consumers’ skin.

The ingredients that Missha use go through a strict and rigorous level of testing to ensure that the products are safe for use, and healthy for the skin. 

It is unclear as to whether Missha works to remove parabens or phthalates from their products, and there is evidence that some products have toxic ingredients and chemicals in the formulas, whilst others do not.

It is best to exercise caution, and always read the product labels to see whether your skin may be affected by the ingredients used in Missa products.

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