Is Elf Cruelty-Free?

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Makeup and beauty is a thriving industry today.

There are new companies popping up here and there, new lines by brands being released all the time, and a new product coming out every time you open your eyes. However, not all these companies are ethical and cruelty-free in how they do their business.

So, that leaves us to wonder, with all the positive things that have been said about ‘E.L.F’ are they really as good as we believe, or is it just wishful thinking that they are so fantastic and wonderfully good for our plant and environment?

The last thing that you want is to buy a product only to later find out that it was tested on animals, or if you are vegan, to find out that it contains animal byproducts, or even worse, that it contains harmful toxic chemicals that could damage your health.

Today we will talk through with you all the facts about E.L.F, and their ethics, their cruelty-free label, and how they weigh up when it comes to ethics.

Let’s take a look at what E.L.F really are, behind the mask.

Is Elf Vegan?

Being a vegan means having plentiful amounts of love and respect for animals, and the way they live.

So, if you were to find out that a company used beeswax in a product, this would be a no-fly zone, depending on how strict you are with your vegan diet and product consumerism.

Luckily for you, E.L.F are confirmed to be a 100% vegan company. They do not use any animal byproducts in any of their products.

So you can be sure that in the process of their product creation, no animals were harmed, their lives were not impacted, and none of their body parts or products produced by them are involved in the product itself or its creation.

This is fantastic news, since so many products now include animal byproducts, E.L.F are leading the revolution against it and showing just how good products can be without it.

When asked if they use animal byproducts E.L.F said;

“Our products do not contain animal derived ingredients. Beeswax has been replaced by synthetic beeswax and lanolin has been replaced by Bis-Diglyceryl Polyacyladinpale-2”

Is Elf and Ethical Company?

A majority of the time when we ask if a company is ethical, the company usually is, but they are often the subsidiary of a larger company, of whom it is usually not ethical or who has questionable ethics.

And this can make it a lot harder to say how ethical a company is, because surely if their parent company has questionable ethics than that problem will trickle down the ladder.

However, E.L.F does not suffer from this phenomenon. E.L.F proudly boasts 100% ethics, they do not test on animals, they use sustainable source, synthetic replacements, have a great environmental score, and they pay their taxes. There is nothing about E.L.F cosmetics that is worrisome.

What is even more ethical, is how they make their applicators, their brushes and such. While many companies make you a little concerned about where they sourced the hair, fibers for these brushes, E.L.F makes you more comfortable, announcing with pride their fully synthetic creation, the same as their eyelashes.

We are happy to be able to finally say, with these guys, there is nothing to fret about.

Does Elf Test on Animals?

Even more good news from E.L.F, as it has been rapidly growing in recent years, skyrocketing in popularity, there’s always the worry that with popularity and growth a company will lose their ethics along the way.

But not E.L.F. They are100% anti-animal testing, and here is how we know.

  • E.L.F does not test on animals, they do not conduct any animal testing anywhere in the world and for this reason, they do not even sell in mainland China where it is compulsory.
  • All of their brushes and eyelashes are made 100% synthetic, no animal hair is used.
  • They do not use any animal testing procedures and are committed to being 100% vegan and cruelty-free.

One thing that cane be confusing with E.L.F is that they do make products in China, however, the Chinese law that dictates for animal-testing is only relevant if you are selling in China.

So, Chinese companies can produce their products in China and sell to other countries, avoiding the animal-testing law. Sneaky!

Also since they sell a lot of their products online too, they void that law again there. No animal testing and some clever thinking on their part in order to maintain a cruelty-free status!

Are Elf Products Toxic?

Toxicity is a phrase that can often be misconstrued as savagely damaging to health. Toxic does not always mean like an extremely dangerous carcinogenic, or the equivalent of rolling around in nuclear waste.

Toxicity can be any level of damaging to health, from giving you an irritating stomach ache, to messing with the flow of your sinuses or skin health, all the way to the equivalent of rolling around in nuclear waste.

While E.L.F has a fairly good rating when it comes to non-toxicity, some of its products do still have some levels of toxicity in them. A vast majority of them are totally fine, but there will always be a few.

The areas with the most moderate concern are in their bronzers, mineral-infused mascaras, cream eyeliners, and their single eyeshadow in shades such as coffee bean and wild wheat.

A majority of these have bad ratings due to propyl baraben, silica, propylene glycol and other chemicals which are not as dangerous as other companies ingredients but do still have a risk factor.

However, a majority of their products are minimal in toxicity, which is a lot better than most cosmetic brands can offer you.

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