Is Covergirl Cruelty-Free?

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Covergirl is a highly popular cosmetics brand, founded in Maryland in 1961. It used to be owned by Procter & Gamble, which also owns many renown cosmetic and skincare brands, but since 2016 Covergirl is owned by Coty.

Covergirl is known for celebrating authenticity and diversity, with a focus on the power of self-expression through makeup. Many famous celebrities have used and advocated for Covergirl, so it’s no wonder that it’s an extremely popular and successful brand, especially amongst young women.

But let’s get to the important questions, among them, whether or not Covergirl is a cruelty free brand.
The answer is yes!

Covergirl is actually the biggest beauty brand to be fully certified as cruelty free, and this can be seen by all the Covergirl products carrying the Leaping Bunny cruelty free logo.

This cruelty free certification comes from the Cruelty Free International, which is a company fully dedicated to erasing animal testing worldwide, and that approve the brands that meet the rigurous controls to ensure they really are cruelty free.

So basically, none of the Covergirl products are tested on animals, and neither are any of the ingredients or suppliers used. Covergirl is truly 100% cruelty free, and is one of the leading examples within the beauty industry.

Coty, which is the parent company that currently owns Covergirl, is just as dedicated in erasing animal testing from the beauty industry, and is committed to having all of its brands be just as cruelty free.

In fact, Coty has also now achieved the Leaping Bunny certification from Cruelty Free International, so there is no doubt whatsoever about Covergirl and all of its dealings and associates!

The question now is, does Covergirl sell in countries where it is required to test on animals, by law? That seems to be where most other brands end up failing.

But you can rest assured. Covergirl is firm on its stand against animal testing, and this means that they do not sell any prodcuts in countries such as China, where animal testing is mandatory.

Covergirl is, therefore, without a doubt, completely cruel free, and has well earned the certification that proves as such.

Is Covergirl vegan?

Okay, so Covergirl is 100% cruelty free, and there is no dodgy business to say otherwise, so it’s all good. But is the brand also vegan?

Like most beauty brands, Covergirl is not vegan as a whole, and therefore cannot claim to be a vegan beauty brand. However, like some brands, Covergirl offers a few wholly vegan options, with some of their products.

And furthermore, Covergirl has taken it a step further by having debuted an all vegan beauty products line. This means that you can go straight to the vegan collection in order to have a selection of 100% vegan beauty cosmetic products, instead of having to individually check each product offered in the stores and website.

The main four products that make up the Covergirl vegan collection are:

  • Skin Milk Foundation (with a coconut milk based formula, available in 14 different shades of skin color)
  • Cream Blush (a plumping cheek color that is infused with hydrating hyaluronic acid)
  • Cooling Glow Stick (a highlighter that is shimmery, available in four different shades)
  • Tinted Lip Oil (a liquid lip color)

Is Covergirl an ethical company?

Let’s get to another main question, that is important and will give us an overall image of Covergirl as a brand, is it an ethical company?

Well, for a brand to be ethical, you need to analyze several different elements, such as whether it is cruelty free, whether it is sustainable, whether it exploits any group within society…and the ideals and values that the brand upholds as a whole. Let’s look at the main few elements:

Cruelty free:

One of the main things that people turn to, when deciding whether a company is ethical or not, is whether or not it is cruelty free. Many companies claim to be, but then turn out not to be, so it needs to be analyzed carefully.

Thankfully, Covergirl is 100% cruelty free, as it does not test any of its products on animals. It is certified with the Leaping Bunny by Cruelty Free International, and it is a strong advocate for animal rights and alternative methods of research.


Another important element, that factors into whether a company is or isn’t ethical, is whether it is environmentally friendly or not. Is Covergirl a sustainable company? Does it care for the environment?

Well, the Covergirl website states that the brand is pursuing green energy and energy-efficient manufacturing methods, so that they can be as environmentally friendly as possible.

However, there are no real goals, facts, or evidence, to prove that it is doing as such. Therefore, we cannot confidently say that Covergirl is sustainable.

Ethical sourcing of the products and ingredients:

Another important factor is whether or not a company ethically sources its supplies and labor, to ensure that it is not exploiting.

So what about Covergirl? Well, once again, there isn’t really much information that might indicate how ethical the sources are.

However, Coty, which owns Covergirl, is a member of the Responsible Mica Initiative, that seeks to ethically source their mica. So that’s a pretty good sign in regards to the ideals that the brand must abide by!

Overall, we would say that Covergirl is one of the more ethical brands within the world of beauty products. They can more than prove that their products are cruelty free, and although there is no information on other fronts, their parent company abides by ethical principles and initiatives, which is a good sign!

Does Covergirl test on animals?

No, Covergirl is 100% cruelty free. None of the products, ingredients, or suppliers, allow for any animal testing, and Covergirl does not sell any of their products in countries in which animal testing is mandatory by law.

Are Covergirl products toxic?

In all guides that determine whether a beauty brand is toxic or not, Covergirl is almost always listed as one of the safest. So although you will have to check the ingredients for each individual product, we can say that Covergirl is overall safe and non-toxic as a whole.

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