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Is Mac Cruelty-Free?

Is Mac Cruelty-Free?

In the modern world we are constantly keeping an eye on the ethics and cruelty to animals acts. The most closely watched products in these areas are focused in on beauty products. With it being well known throughout the world that in the past, makeups and beauty creams were testing on animals in laboratories. Animal …

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Is Smashbox Cruelty-Free?

I adore Smashbox lip stains. I carry a natural color for daytime and berry shade for going out at night – Jennifer Morrison During the quarter of a century that it’s taken to establish themselves as a mainstream, go-to brand of choice, Smashbox’s rollercoaster journey to becoming a cruelty-free company hasn’t been problem-free. While they’re …

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Is OGX Cruelty-free?

When purchasing our hair and body products, we want to know that they are safe to use and that no animals or the environment are during their creation. But finding brands that fit your ethical standards can be challenging, can’t it? Whether the ingredients that deliver silky smooth hair are vegan or ensure sustainability and …

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Is Revlon Cruelty-Free?

Is Revlon cruelty-free? Unfortunately, Revlon isn’t cruelty-free. They state that whilst their company hasn’t tested products on animals since 1989, they admit to selling their products to countries that do require mandatory testing of imported goods. China is one of these countries, as they hold the right to take products off the shelves to test …

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